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April 23, 2009 at 12:43 pm Leave a comment is one of my favorite blogs. Every day you can find thought-provoking opinions, engaging writers and valuable insights on the social media.   Just after Easter, Kat French posted her “10 Commandments of Content Marketing” where she summarizes what it takes to success in social media. I like this list because effective recruiting online is all about sharing and distributing your content across web platforms for the right audience at the right time.  Here’s her list and every one of them applies to our social media staffing strategies:

1. Thou shalt make thy content portable.  The beauty of the social web is that if you make good content easy to share, real live people will be your “channels.”  If your content is really good, the persistent will figure out a way to share it even if you don’t make it easy.  But why make them work that hard?
2. Thou shalt remember that “content” is not just text.  Photos, audio content/podcasts, and video should be included in any content strategy.
3. Thou shalt not use the word “viral.”  It makes you sound like the middle-aged dad trying to use his teens’ slang, and is generally running about 2 years behind.  Good, portable online content can become popular.  A virus on your computer is generally a bad thing, remember?
4. Thou shalt not refer to your program as a “campaign.”  Content marketing is a long-haul proposition, and really part of your overall communications plan.  Are you going to stop any other parts of your communications plan when their “campaign” runs it’s course?  No.  And as long as there’s a web, you’re going to need to provide content.
5. Thou shalt not begin without an editorial calendar.  Unless you like beating your head pointlessly against a brick wall.  Then by all means, go right ahead.
6. Thou shalt delegate clear roles and responsibilities.  Or thou shalt be cursed to play “ownership hot potato” while your stale content just sits there on the web.
7. Thou shalt honor thy legal department.  Nuff said.
8. Thou shalt match thy content to the environment.   Content strategy is no longer limited to the bounds of your primary URL.  Develop Facebook-y content for Facebook, etc.
9. Thou shalt not allow thy website content to get as stale as week-old bread.   Or thou art not allowed to whine when visitors go away to spend time elsewhere.
10. Thou shalt reward thy enthusiasts appropriately for sharing thine content.   That may mean sponsoring a blogger. It may mean sharing some high-PR link love to someone who is talking you up.  How you reward them is something to determine on a case-by-case basis, but don’t forget to do it.


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